Years Racing: 1
Machine: Gary Fisher Paragon 29er. I haven't raced this bike yet but I cannot wait to try it.
Favorite Part of Racing: I like to go fast
Most Memorable Race:

Hobbies: Soccer, sailing, snowboarding
First Bike: My first bike was a blue bike but my real first bike was a Trek 20 inch. It was silver, it had six speedsand I had it for five years. I rode it every day.
Claim to Fame: My friends think I am most likely to end up in the X Games or the hospital.
Goals and Ambitions: Right now I am getting my soccer ref license so I can work as a referee. I would like to get invited to the MTB nationals and I want to play soccer for West Morris Central High School next year. When I graduate high school, I want to go to the US Naval Academy and become a pilot.