Day 2 at Marty Cross started with some aches and pains for those that raced the previous day but a renewed spirit as the rumor was the course would be run in the reverse direction.  This would allow the prior day’s runup to be a slick ride-down and make the course just a tiny bit easier than the Day 1 edition.  As we arrived at the course, a quick course inspection revealed that it was in fact the same exact course and it would be ridden in the opposite direction as rumored.  This was great as it was familiar for those who would be racing both days but the groove of the course was quite a bit different.   This version seemed to have a better flow and as the course had 1 more day to dry with more grip in the turns giving the riders even more confidence.

For the Bulldogs, there was another good showing as 5 of the team’s members would be racing in 3 different races.  In the earlier 50+ race Kris Weber was back again and looking to best his previous day’s finish, and did just that.  He finished 10th in another solid field to round out a great weekend of racing.   In the Cat 1/2/3 race Ryan Heerschap was back for the second race of the weekend along with the fresh legs of Tom DiNunzio.   Both stuck together for most of the race mixing it up in another solid field with Tom having the better legs and finishing in 7th place and Ryan in 9th.  For the final race of the day, the Cat 3 B Men, it was Steve Mancuso and Mike Kucharski both coming back to test the legs for Day 2.  Both went out hard in yet another good field and did the Bulldog’s proud.   Both rode well and Steve was drinking the tubular Kool-Aid.  With renewed confidence Steve rode to a season’s best finish in 6th place with Mike Kucharski following very closely with a great race as well in 10th place.

Day 2 was great as all of the racers that were in for both days improved their finishes and really had a great time tearing up the grass in Chester.  This was a great new venue for the Marty’s crew and hopefully it will be back for more next year.  Next up the riders will be traveling down to south jersey to race #5 in the NJBA Cyclocross Cup in Bridgeton NJ.