This past weekend the CycleCraft/Bulldogs made their way over to Marty Cross(North Cross)’s two day event in Chester NJ.  The course was a beautiful winding course through the Telephone Poll farm that consisted primarily of grass with a few sections of pavement, gravel, a little mud, and a whole lot of pain.   Day 1 had a lot of good racing as the race was well attended and a sizeable attraction as it served for the New Jersey State Championship race.  Throughout the day the Bulldog colors could be seen in most of the races.    Even though the preceding days had a less than favorable forecast, the racecourse was in great condition for the weekend’s events.   The attraction of the day was a steep 100 ft. long hill that was possible to run up and ride up – neither of which being easy.

Early in the morning in the 50+ race, Kris Weber put down a solid effort on a somewhat slippery course to snatch up 14th place.   As the day went on conditions got faster and faster and at noon the Category 1/2/3 race began.  Ryan Heerschap had a good showing to place 10th amongst a tough field.  Later in the afternoon with conditions being the driest of the day, the Category 3 race went off with the second largest field of the day.  Amongst the racers were Bulldogs Mike Kucharski, Steve Mancuso, and Mike Lukowiak.   These three were close for the opening laps of the race, but as the laps ticked by the fun began and the separation occurred.   They finished 12th, 14th, and 26th respectively.

Overall the Bulldogs had a great showing and a great time.  Most of them returned home after a long tiring day to relax and put their feet up and think about the day’s events.  That feeling wouldn’t last long as the mindset would change to what was needed for Sunday’s race, as only a few hours later the car would be packed and the racers would be going back to Marty Cross for day two on a reversed and more flowy course.