This was my first competitive road ride.   Going into the race I was super scared and did not know much about what to do or when to do it. The course was fairly simple, 40 miles of mostly rolling terrain except for two large climbs. My goal was to go as fast as I could for the whole race and not worry about where I finished.   As the starting car pulled us out, I made my way to the middle of the front pack. I was determined to stay in the lead pack for as long as I could.

While we were zipping along the lake shore, we went around a tight left hand corner. The man who I passed on the previous uphill was on the right side of me.  About half way through the corner he slid into the gravel on the outside of the bend. His tires washed out and he flipped over the guard rail with his bike and landed in a big bush. Although this scared me I kept going.

We came to a long, two lane climb and the lead pack dropped me. Luckily I was not the only one to get dropped. There was another guy ahead of me that I caught and worked with all the way to the first big climb. On the climb, I dropped my new friend and caught up to another Cycle Craft rider. We rode for a while on top of the mountain and then Mike and Ted caught me and we dropped the Cycle Craft guy. We worked together until the second big climb where we caught another guy who was pretty fast and hung with us for the rest of the race.

Close to the end of the race, the four of us were still going strong and we were making up a lot of time. Soon we got to the final two kickers to the finish. These were extremely painful! Ted and I got dropped up the final climb and Ted pulled away from me at the top. Finished in 2:07 and got an award for the Cycle Craft challenge. It was fun, can’t wait to try some more road rides.