It was an early 9am start and I was only on a few hours sleep. Working nights makes racing early a little tricky, but it's usually a rewarding experience. But, I got a few pre-rides in and was looking forward to racing my rigid 26" singlespeed at Stewart. It was really nice out and the conditions were dry, which is a great change from the last two years.

A fast, fun, flowing course of about 28 miles and I was excited to do my 4th Singlespeed-a-palooza race. There were 8 ladies lined up in our Pro/Open category and although I didn't even get much of a warmup, I was really just hoping to have a really good ride. My gear choice seemed just right and I was happy that I was actually riding really well from start to finish. Legs were getting tired up some of the climbs and even had to walk a few. But, all in all, I had an amazing time racing and felt really good afterward too. Finished 4th which made me really happy! Looking forward to next year's and a great job to Darkhorse Cycles for putting on their 4th Singlespeed-a-palooza. Congrats to Lucky and Jeff from Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft who also raced!