Great race today at Allamuchy. Julian, Ekrem, Karem and I all raced sport. The mass start was exciting and Ekrem and I got out in front of the pack heading into the single track. The single track was super muddy and the first climb was tough. Going over the climb there was a nice downhill going into a stream crossing. I accidentally did a nose wheelie and almost landed in the freezing water, but I managed to get my foot onto a rock and stay out of the water. I landed in fifth place and Ekrem created a small gap while I got it back together. 

For the next two and a half laps this is how it stayed. The first climb continued to get more slippery as the race went on. This became evident on the last lap when I was about four hundred feet behind Ekrem going into the first climb and had to close the gap in order to avoid being passed by the man behind me. Doing this I managed to close the gap on Ekrem and was right on his wheel going onto the slight up hill before the final downhill to the finish. Here, I decided to try to pass Ekrem. This went well right up until I had to go up a steeper hill and ran out of energy to keep up that pace, Ekrem capitalized on this and passed me back for the final Downhill to the finish and I was still out of energy to pose another attack. Finally, as Ekrem finished ahead of me a man tried to pass me just before the finish, but luckily I heard him coming and was able to do just enough to hold him off so that I could finish 5th.

Congratulations to Ekrem, Kerem and Julian on a great race.