This was my second year going to Coyote Hill Mountain Bike Camp in vermont,owned and run by Tom at his farmhouse, and it was a challenging and exciting summer experience.  At Coyote Hill you learn everything you need to know about bike care and maintenance, you meet some new great mountain bikers, eat well, and take on some of the toughest trails around! 

A typical day began by waking up to a bell at 7:30 and heading downstairs where we were served a delicious home cooked meal made by Gabby, Tom's wife. After breakfast clean-up we usually had a clinic relating to one of many mountain biking themes. There were clinics on how to adjust your type of brakes and tube changing, which  were my favorites. There were even clinics on proper bike washing run by Ethan, an amazing pro. After the clinics, we would go on a short hour and a half ride, where we practiced different things such as pace lines and braking. After the morning ride we had another delicious Gabby meal, and got ready for the afternoon ride which was usually about two and a half to three hours. When we returned, we would eat again.  After the snack we had free time, where we could go onthe pump track, work on our bikes, play ping pong, or just hang out. The sleeping areas are very comfortable and they aren't small. Every evening we have a game which is always fun. At the end of the week we have an epic ride which is about five hours long and it is awesome! On that ride the staff teach you to push yourself a little farther then what you would usually do.

At Coyote Hill everyday you learn something new, whether it is about riding your bike, fixing it or how to become a more competitive racer. The counselors are really helpful, especially when you are working on your bike and you need help. It is a great camp to attend if you are interested in learning more about how to be a better mountain biker.  I highly recommendthis awesome mountain biking camp!