This was my second race in Cat 1. During the warm up I was not feeling great and I was thinking this was going to be a long day. Once the race started, I felt really good. We took off down the fire road heading for the single track and I was in pretty good position. I entered the single track in 7th position. There was a lot of congestion on the trail and the leaders created a little gap.

Going up the only steep climb I was surprised when I started passing people and, just when I started feeling good, Steve blew past me. I sat behind Steve for about a mile out to really bumpy fire road where I shredded my front tire. Keith stopped to make sure I was Ok but the tire was so badly damaged that I could not put a tube in it so I had to DNF. I was really mad about the tire because I was feeling so good and the course was a lot of fun. The day was not a complete loss because I brought my Remedy and went down hilling with Austin and Brad Tasik while my Dad raced.