Going into this race my plan was to finish in the top 10 by not blowing up on the on the climbs, not getting involved with people falling around me, and railing the descents. We had a very large field in the Cat 3 40-49’s and the start had all the signs of a giant pile up at the single track entrance so I decided to hang back and avoid the mayhem. I hit the single track in the middle of the pack and started passing people right away.

By the top of the steep climb I had passed like 20 people and I was still feeling strong so I pedaled hard on the little downhill and caught the next group in front of me. I passed most of them by the time I hit the parking lot but gave a few spots back going up the long climb out of the parking lot. I started passing people again coming down the green trail. Going through the mud pits near the end of the lap I noticed a guy about 100 yards in front of me and decided to catch him. I actually lost a little ground on the single track but I bombed the last decent into the stream crossing and passed him 30 yards before the finish to take 11th place. I took 9 minutes off of my time from 2011 when they ran this course counterclockwise and actually felt good doing it so I consider that a good day!