Bulldog Tales

Keith Licata at 2014 Police & Fire Games

On Monday, July 14th I participated in the Canadian-American Police & Fire Games.  It is basically an Olympic style event made up of about 70 different sports for the police & firemen to battle it out and this year it was hosted by York County, PA.


Wendi Sebastian at 2013 Bear Creek Nationals

It's a little late in the season (Thanksgiving weekend, Ed.) for a race report of the Bear Creek Nationals last July. But, I keep finding myself thinking about the upcoming one in 2014 and what I could do differently to have a better result. Back in July, I raced with a group of 9 women in the cat 1 35-39 class. I didn't have any great expectations, as I figured all the women would be super fast and I only rode the course one time a few days earlier, so I didn't really know the lines.


Mike Kucharski at 2013 Westwood Velo CX

Got to start on the 2nd row.  Had Dillon Van Wart and Steve right in front of me.  I was not nervous with them in front of me and knew they would be good starters.  As the whistle sounded, we lunge off the line and I get boxed in with a slower rider that was to Dillon's right.  I sit down and the second kick brings what seems to be the entire field by me.  I settle in and deal with the scrubs of the Killer Bs.


Morgan Platt at 2013 Mountain Creek

This was my second race in Cat 1. During the warm up I was not feeling great and I was thinking this was going to be a long day. Once the race started, I felt really good. We took off down the fire road heading for the single track and I was in pretty good position. I entered the single track in 7th position. There was a lot of congestion on the trail and the leaders created a little gap.