Campmor H2H Awards Banquet 2010

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Campmor H2H Awards Banquet 2010

Postby B.L. » Thu Oct 14, 2010 8:00 pm

The 2010 Campmor H2H Series is almost complete and now it is time to celebrate and congratulate all those who competed and supported the racers!

Our annual awards banquet is scheduled for Sunday, November 14, 2010 at the Arlington in Mount Arlington, NJ. This is the same place as the last few years and it's been great. 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

The top three of each category (providing they met the series requirements) will be recognized, top Pay Dirt hours will be acknowledged, a slide show will be presented, some cool speeches, great food, and good times will be had. Please don't drink and drive, but they do serve alcohol (cash bar), too!

If you're in the top three, make sure you're there. And if not, come out and support the racers and the really was a fun occasion last year!

Tickets and more details are available on

Pre-Registration only, so don't miss it!

Please help spread the word!

Location: The Arlington, 450 Howard Boulevard, Mount Arlington, New Jersey, 07856

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Re: Campmor H2H Awards Banquet 2010

Postby B.L. » Fri Oct 15, 2010 9:00 am

Attendees 2010:

Steve Mancuso, Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft, +3
Brian Lariviere, Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft, +1
Keith Licata, Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft, +1
Ryan Heerschap, Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft
Tom Kruse, Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft, +2
Jessie Kruse, Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft
Wendi Sebastian, Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft
Rob Witte, Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft
Cole Solsky, Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft, +2 Adults, +2 Children
Jeff O'Hara, Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft, +1
Peter Keane, Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft, +3
Petersen, Eric, Team Bulldog/Cycle Craft, +1 Adult, +2 Children
Art White, Team Campmor
Ellen White, Team Campmor
Vince Guisefe
Adam Vanderbos, Team Town Cycle, +1
Joseph Schaar, Death Row Velo, +1 Adult, +1 Child
Uribe, Percy, Northeastern Hardware, +1 Adult
Nowacki, Mark, +1 Child
McCann, Amy, Town Cycle, +1
Sciancalepore, Michael, +4 Adults, +1 Child
Contento-Angell, Kristine, Jimenez Velo Sport, +1 Adult, +1 Child
Mandell, Jeffrey, Peddler Bikes
Maziarz, Kathy, Fine Whine, +1
Matthews, Dan, Fine Whine, +1
Wilbur, James, Team Campmor, +1
Meier, Paul, Team Marty's
Alpers, Doug, Team Marty's, +1
Jeff Stickle, Black Bear Racing, +1
Erin Stickle, Black Bear Racing, +1
Dave Daniel, Black Bear Racing, +1
Santangelo, Mariannne, Team Campmor
Kahlenberg, Jordan, GIANT MID-ATLANTIC, +2
nerges, philip, Jimenez Velo Sport, +1
Van Wart, David, Team Town Cycle, +2 Adults, +1 Child
bender, Patty,, +1 Adult, +2 Children
Marek, Robert, BTCNJ, +1 Adult
Larry Henderson, Black Bear Racing, +1
Bill Romollino, Black Bear Racing, +1
Dan Sturm, Black Bear Racing, +1
Bruce Kristiansen, Black Bear Racing, +1
Bob Perlee, Black Bear Racing
John Coog

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Re: Campmor H2H Awards Banquet 2010

Postby Coog31 » Wed Nov 24, 2010 5:08 pm

Congratulations to all the Team Bulldog racers!! You guys made a solid showing at the podiums this year!! Enjoy these photos with my compliments! And, as always, thank you for your continued support! Happy Holidays everyone!! =)


And to view the rest of the banquet photos, click below: