NJBAnews:: Augusta Racing Perspective

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NJBAnews:: Augusta Racing Perspective

Postby B.L. » Tue Jul 12, 2011 9:07 am

From Dan Mitchell:

Dear Friends, Just a passing thought on the Augusta Training Series. I don't
think Augusta will be here next year. Its a massive undertaking for 15 weeks.
The promotion and execution has always been an altruistic endeavor on the part
of those who undertook it. These folks didn't benefit themselves, but did it for
the sport and the club. Doing and finding volunteer work over the years, to keep
the races going and safe was a real chore. I personally looked at Augusta as a
chance to socialize with friends and team mates, as well as get a high intensity
workout in. The best experiences were those as a volunteer. People would often
gather around the volunteers and trade stories and tips. I often met and made
new friends this way.
Even though I may have placed high in a race or dropped out early. I almost
always left exhilarated by the effort. There is real joy in being fit and
carefree for that period of time to exercise my skills and stay upright to the
Augusta often allowed me to become more self aware of my strengths and
Through the years, and its been 8 seasons for me. I carry fond memories of
Augusta and they form a tapestry of cycling experiences that have enriched my
life. Goodbye Augusta. You will be missed.