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NJ's Newest Officials 2011

Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2011 9:43 am
by B.L.
A huge CONGRATULATIONS to our NEWEST Officials .... make sure when you see them
at the races that you let them know how much it means that they are providing
Safety, Fairness, Good Racing and Promoting the Sport of Cycling in NJ - This
was one of our BIGGEST years of new officials .... So a Big Thank you to those
who attended the 2011 NJ Officials Seminar

Thank you to All Racers and Officials ........................ Let the 2011
Season Begin ..... Riders Start Your Legs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and we ALL look
forward to seeing you at the races

Doreen Lehman
Gus Lehman
Carla Virgilio
Ben Tufford
Matt Cavalieri
Max Knee
Jim Bernstein
Jerry Grayce
Ixsa Gollihur
Tibor Pete
Bert Webster
Todd Peterson

------ __o
---@/ @

Deb Schiff
NJ State Coordinator