Monday's get you down?

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Monday's get you down?

Postby B.L. » Tue Jun 16, 2009 11:05 am

Monday's get you down? You need a new outlook on life. Mondays are
great it is just like Christmas Eve. How's that you ask. Well it means
that there is Track racing Tuesday night at the Valley Preferred Cycling
Center in Trexlertown, Pa. Yes this is what everyone who races a bike
looks forward too.

Marty and his team have put together a schedule that promises yet
another an exciting night of racing, follow the link below if you would
like to see the schedule: ... 016%2C%202

So if you haven't earned any real bike racer points yet and this is the
only place that you can earn them it is time to dust off that track
bike. Remember brakes only slow you down. Who races with brakes?

Registration starts at 6:00 and racing at 7:30. See you there.

Go fast, turn left, and keep the rubber side down.