USAC Talent Id Camp - Garrett College 2014

Stopping in to say hi? Want to tell everyone about last weekend's ride? Then do it here!

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jessi k :)
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USAC Talent Id Camp - Garrett College 2014

Postby jessi k :) » Wed Jun 25, 2014 6:23 pm

Greetings from Maryland! 
Trevor, Morgan, and I have had an awesome first two days of camp, and are definitely learning a lot both on and off the bike. Monday when we got to camp we had a great dinner and met the camp supervisors - Kristen, Nick, Ryan, & Mark - we then had our first instructional period in which we learned about the symptoms of overtraining and how to train and balance life stress with training stress. Tuesday we woke up at 6 for yoga, which was pretty brutal in terms of flexibility but great to learn stretches and core strengthening exercises. After yoga and breakfast we had a 4 hr skills drill in a field and just worked on super basic track stands, cornering, logs, etc. it's crazy how some slow speed technical work makes you honest. After an awesome lunch we headed out for a local ride which was super sweet and flowey, unfortunately it started storming with lightening so we had to cut our ride short. After dinner we learned about proper nutrition and good racing strategy and prep. Today we had an early plyometrics work out and then packed up and headed to Davis, a park in West Virginia that has some legendary skills. The morning was a small group ride in which we worked on skills we learned yesterday, and the afternoon was also dedicated to trail skills. At lunch Jeremiah Bishop talked as a representative from USADA, and created and open dialogue about doping and the pressure that accompanied high performance athletes. We also had some pretty epic additional ride leaders for both the morning and afternoon, including Nathan Wade, Jeremiah Bishop, and Sue Haywood, which was absolutely insane!!! Headed back to camp now for some food and then a video conference with USADA representatives. Coming back from Davis now, and just encountered some locals having a mud fight, it's definitely a little strange out here :-\

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Re: USAC Talent Id Camp - Garrett College 2014

Postby Keith » Thu Jun 26, 2014 11:38 am

Awesome write-up Jessi! Sounds like a very interesting and beneficial experience for cycling as well as life in general. Keep the updates coming!!

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Re: USAC Talent Id Camp - Garrett College 2014

Postby tedh » Thu Jun 26, 2014 7:35 pm

Great to hear Jessi! Glad you're enjoying it and slowing down and focusing is one of life's great lessons! Enjoy it!